Evaluating Dreams

What you think about and what manifests in your life experience is always a vibrational match, and, in
the same way, what you think about and what manifests in your dream state is always a vibrational
Your dominant thoughts always match your manifestations, and so, once you understand the absolute
correlations between your thoughts, how you feel, and what is manifesting in your experience, you can
then accurately predict everything that will come into your life.
It is nice when you are aware of your thoughts and therefore aware of what you are creating before it
manifests, but it is also of value, after something has manifested, to then acknowledge the thoughts that
led up to it. In other words, you can make the conscious association between your thoughts, feelings, and
manifestations before the manifestation occurs or after the manifestation occurs. Both are helpful.
When you dream about something, it is always a match to the thoughts that you have been thinking. And
so, since each of your dreams is, in fact, your creation, it is not possible for you to dream about anything
that you have not created through your thoughts. The fact that it has now manifested in your dream state
means that you have given it a significant amount of thought.
The essence of the way you feel about the things you think about most will eventually manifest in your
real-life experience— but it takes even less time and attention for it to manifest in your dream state. And
for that reason, your dreams can be of immense value in helping you understand what you are in the
process of creating in your awake state. If you are in the process of creating something that you do not
want, it would be easier to change the direction of your thoughts before it manifests than waiting to
change your thoughts after it manifests.
The process for Evaluating Dreams is as follows: As you go to bed, consciously acknowledge that your
dreams accurately reflect your thoughts. Say to yourself, It is my intention to rest well and to awaken
refreshed. And if there is anything important for me to recall from my dream state, I will recall it when I
Then, as you awaken, before you get up, lie there for a few minutes and ask yourself, Do I remember
anything from my dream state? Although you may be able to recall different aspects of your dream state
throughout the day, usually the best chance of recalling your dreams is when you first awaken. And as you
begin to recall one of your dreams, relax and try to remember how you felt during the dream sequence,
for recalling your emotions will give you even more important information than recalling the details of
your dream.
You must give significant attention to any subject for it to become powerful enough to manifest in your
experience. And quite a bit of attention must also be given to a subject before it will begin to show up in
your dream state. For that reason, your more meaningful dreams are always accompanied by strong
emotion. The emotion may feel good or bad—but it will always be strong enough so that you wiU
recognize the feeling.
“How did I feel as that was happening?” If you have awakened from a very good-feeling dream, you can
be confident that your dominant thoughts surrounding that subject are pointed toward manifestations
that you do want. When you awaken from a bad-feeling dream, know that your dominant thoughts are in
the process of attracting something that you do not want; however, no matter where you stand in terms
of what is manifesting in your experience, you can always make a new decision and change the
manifestation to something that is even more pleasing.
It is truly more fulfilling to consciously create increasingly satisfying scenarios in your life experience than
it is for you to create by default things that you really do not want—and then try to turn those around to
things that you do want. For once something does manifest, then you have all that observing-of-theunwanted-
thing to deal with as well as the habit of thought that brought it about to begin with.

As soon as you begin to understand that your dreams are wonderful reflections of how you really feel and
what you are creating, then you can begin to deliberately change your thoughts in order to positively
affect your dreams. And as soon as you receive the positive dream, you will know that you are on the path
of a more positive real-life manifestation.
If you awaken from a bad dream, do not worry; instead, feel appreciation for your awareness that you
have been giving attention to something you do not want. In the same way you appreciate the sensors in
your skin that alert you to the fact that you are approaching something that is very hot, appreciate that
your emotions have made you aware that your thoughts are approaching something unwanted.
Now, you do not create while you are dreaming. Your dream is a manifestation of what you have been
thinking during your awake state. However, once you are awake and you are now thinking about, or
discussing, your dream, those thoughts do affect your future creations.
It is helpful to keep a written record of your dreams, but it is not necessary to be extremely elaborate in
the recording of the details. Record the general setting where the dream took place, the basic people
who appeared in the dream, what you were doing in the dream, what others were doing in the dream,
and, most significantly, how you felt within the dream.

Dreams can give you a wonderful insight into your current vibrational state of being. Your recall of a
dream is your physical translation of blocks of Non-Physical thought that you have interacted with in your
dream state. When you sleep, you reemerge back into the Energy of the Non-Physical, and you have
conversations but not conversations in words, but vibrational ones). Then, as you are awakening, you
translate that block of thought back into its physical equivalent.
Sometimes when you have wanted something for a long while but you do not see any way for it to really
happen, you will experience a dream where it does happen. And then, in the pleasant recollection of the
dream, you soften your vibration of resistance—and then your desire can be fulfilled.
Many years ago, Jerry and Esther were mutually involved in a business enterprise, but they were not
romantically involved. They felt appreciation for one another, but there was not a romantic feeling
because neither of them would allow themselves to have that. Each of them, due to circumstances and
beliefs, had not even tiptoed into that arena of thought relative to one another.

Quantum Success

Well, Ms. Taylor has done it again...or, rather, outdone herself! In Secrets of Attraction, the author shows us how we not only set the stage for our life-performance but inadvertently instruct other "players" to treat us well or badly, based on how we think about and treat ourselves. In her latest book,Quantum Success, we are taken several steps further into the quantum realm (layman's terms, thankyou!) for a step-by-step lesson on how, precisely, to put these universal laws to work for ourselves in the areas of money and personal fulfillment. An easy, riveting read with many "aha" moments along the way. We've all heard it before...we've all read it before...some of us might even be able to "teach the class" so to say; but never before has any one book put these sound and viable principles into words that actually worked their way into my consciousness where I believe they will stay forever. Thank you, Sandra Anne Taylor, Hay House, and Amazon.Com. A must-read for anyone on the verge of financial ruin (or great good fortune) who is totally ready for an extra nudge or great leap of faith into a new way of thinking about and using MONEY. This is not just another "self help" blog - this is a highly interactive and effective tool for those who are willing to give up the notion that there is "only so much to go around" and let go of all guilt surrounding the idea of "having it ALL". The good news is, "Having it ALL" IS an option and everyone deserves to manifest their fondest wishes and fulfill their desire for financial freedom. This book will show you how to do it, quickly and easily. 5 stars...two thumbs up...buy the book! The principles in this book literally saved my business and helped me to start a new one, in addition. I recently had the opportunity to hear Ms. Taylor speak at a conference in Orlando. What a presence! I am a confirmed fan of this author and her skillful contributions have, in my opinion, put heretofore obscure ideas into language that the average person can understand and utilize. Here's hoping there is a third book underway!

The Intention Experiment

"We can no longer view ourselves as isolated from our environment and our thoughts the private, self-contained workings of an individual brain. Dozens of scientists have produced thousands of papers in the scientific literature offering sound evidence that thoughts are capable of profoundly affecting all aspects of our lives. As observers and creators, we are constantly remaking our world at every instant. Every thought we have, every judgment we hold, however, unconscious, is having an effect. With every moment that it notices, the conscious mind is sending an intention." - From the book

What if eggs registered a cry of alarm, then resignation, when one of their number was dropped in boiling water? What if you could change the shape of your bicep muscle simply by sitting on a couch and using your brain? What if plants could learn to differentiate between true and artificial human intent--a plant "learning curve"--such as a researcher *thinking* about lighting a match under one of its leaves, but not intending to actually do it? What if directed thoughts produce demonstrable physical energy, even over a remote distance--perhaps altering the very molecular structure of the object of intention? Can praying for 4,000 patients with hospital-acquired infections affect their healing and recovery--when prayed for *4-10 years after their hospitalization*?

Do these questions sound like plots out of a sci-fi novel to you--or perhaps ridiculous notions from New Age space cadets? What if these concepts were actually the quantifiable results of rigorous scientific studies?

Like her previous book The Field, author Lynne McTaggart explores the edges of frontier science, boldly going where ingrained Newtonian paradigms have never gone before: the realm of pioneering consciousness experiments. In her newest book The Intention Experiment, McTaggart not only recounts dozens of extraordinary scientific studies on the power of human intention on machines, plants, animals and other humans, but also explains how to harness this power individually and collectively for specific results.

In fact, McTaggart, in conjunction with Dr. Gary Schwartz of Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science at the University of Arizona, now endeavors to undertake the world's largest scientific mind-over-matter experiment in history, inviting readers to participate in online research on massive group intention. In addition, McTaggart encourages participants to use her blueprint of exercises and recommendations for "powering up"--based on the results of extensive research--to formulate their own personal goals, especially unlikely ones, and report the results to her website.

Some of the fascinating studies and research findings detailed in The Intention Experiment include:

* "...although the activity of the REGs was normal in the days leading up to 9/11, the machines became increasingly correlated a few hours *before* the first tower was hit, as though there had been a mass premonition... The world had felt a collective shudder several hours before the first plane crash, and every REG machine had heard and duly recorded it."

* "Volunteers between 20 and 35 years old imagined flexing one of their biceps as hard as they could during daily training sessions carried out five times a week. After ensuring that the participants were not doing any actual exercise, including tensing their muscles, the researches discovered an astonishing 13.5 percent increase in muscle size and strength after just a few weeks, an advantage that remained for three months after the mental training stopped."

* Clearly, during an altered state, roughly corresponding to the hyperalert state of intense meditation, conscious thoughts can convince the body to endure pain, cure many serious diseases, and change virtually any condition.

* Water treated by healers underwent a fundamental change in its molecular makeup.

* "...Helmut Schmidt successfully employed a similar study design to change his own prerecorded breathing rate, demonstrating that it is possible to retroactively change your own physical state as well...intention is capable of reaching back down the time line to influence past events, or emotional or physical responses, at the point when they originally occurred. Physicists no longer consider retrocausation inconsistent with the laws of the universe. More than one hundred articles in the scientific literature propose ways in which laws of physics can account for time displacement."

A recent article in Rolling Stone magazine mentioned that well-intentioned, heartfelt prayer might inadvertently harm or kill patients--an article that no doubt deflated the beliefs and hopes of some people...not to mention seeming to contradict the many studies showing the efficacy of prayer. With uncanny prescience, McTaggart addresses this study in depth, concluding, "When we are consciously attempting to affect someone else with our thoughts, we may want to search our hearts about our true feelings to ensure that we are not sending tainted love."

The Intention Experiment also explores why Reiki, energy healing and voodoo works, as well as the science behind visualization, entrainment between loving couples, psychic ability, retrocausation, biofeedback, remote viewing, and manifestation. If you're intrigued by the ideas presented in The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know?!, Ramtha material, and the Abraham material (Law of Attraction)--but crave scientific proof and a more globally connected, compassionate paradigm--The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart abundantly delivers. Proving what mystics, shamans, and spiritual teachers have demonstrated and shared for centuries--that all is connected in the web of life--I'm thrilled that there's *finally* a book that integrates volumes of hard scientific data with idea that thoughts are "things" that solidify, and influence, matter itself.

Instead of merely offering up an incredible amount of detailed research findings (the notes/citations and Bibliography are well over 30 pages)--which is a feat in itself--The Intention Experiment does what many books do not: translates the implications of these findings for everyday folks, and provides a simple model to follow for personal experimentation and manifestation. Bravo to Ms. McTaggart for this book, and for providing the opportunity for readers to participate in the largest, grandest experiment on group intention in human history. (http://www.theintentionexperiment.com/)


With an ear for human interest and eye for detail, Lynne McTaggart masterfully tells the true story in THE FIELD of how pioneers in science and consciousness research are working to achieve a more complete understanding of the true nature of reality -- an understanding which includes (rather than ignores) consciousness.

THE FIELD describes how scientists have gradually become aware of what appears to be a unifying energy structure in our universe. This "Zero Point Field" provides us with a simpler explanation for how things work than previous overly-complex ideas require. Simplicity in science is a good thing, because it generally indicates which theories will win out as time goes by. The Zero Point Field theory demonstrates it's elegant simplicity by allowing physicists to derive the famous equation F=ma (rather than take it as a starting assumption), and by helping medical practitioners understand the underlying scientific basis for homeopathy.

Our scientific conceptualization of this universe has changed considerably over the last few centuries and now faces one of the biggest overhauls ever -- and THE FIELD demonstrates why the Zero Point Field is likely to be the last frontier for us to explore. THE FIELD is packed with detailed descriptions of some of the most exciting experiments recently conducted by leading researchers in the field of consciousness such as: Cleve Backster, Jacques Benveniste, William Braud, Bob Jahn, Edgar Mitchell, Fritz-Albert Popp, Hal Puthoff, Rupert Sheldrake, Russell Targ, Elisabeth Targ, and Charles Tart.

I give this book my highest recommendation.

(Cynthia Sue Larson has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley and is author of the book "AURA ADVANTAGE: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire & Attact Success")

The Biology of Belief

This book will sit alongside my most valued resources in my collection. The reasoning is straightforward - conventional medicine is predicated on the Primacy of Matter - that molecules are the basic building blocks of life and the most important. But conventional health solutions are becoming less effective in the provision of long term health, and more expensive. Dr. Lipton's work is admirable by focusing on the wider interconnections between the energy of our beliefs, and the amazing behaviour of cells and now epigenetics.

From changing the central biological dogma of the Primacy of DNA, to outlining the quantum nature of information flows and the astounding benefits of conscious parenting, and the failure of the genome project to find enough proteins, this book is packed full of gems sure to benefit everybody. Lipton addresses energy as purportedly 100 times more powerful than molecules. It simply makes sense we invest our 'energy' in modelling a health system geared towards both chemical AND energy based solutions - vibrations meeting vibrations. Dr. Lipton's work asks us to consider the possibility our primary source of energy comes from our internal and external environments, and our unconscious perceptions have a major influence on the health of this exchange.

Obviously contentious, this book is worth 5 stars simply for the pioneering and unique message it brings.

With modern technology we can repeatedly 'perceive' energy in ways we couldn't before. Science is about improving our technology, and as we are now well and truly in the ascending Dwapara Yuga (Age of Energy) we are being asked to embrace the beginnings of the wisdom and knowledge technology wave.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in furthering their study and knowledge of biology beyond what is conventionally proselytised and thought energy or consciousness based healing practices such as energy medicine, homeopathy, reiki, energy psychology or huna had a "flaky" foundation. As an adult child of an alcoholic and abuse I know how ineffective drugs are to heal without treatment of beliefs and emotions. Perceptions very easily select actions from which we make assumptions about people and lifestyle decisions that block energy and create pathology.

In regards to the critical nature of some commentators - Perhaps there is truth to the saying, "A prophet is never known in their home town." I was fortunate to meet Dr Lipton at one of his seminars in Australia and I was blown away by his grasp of biology and the inspirational hope he brings to this knowledge. Thank you.

This work stands on its own, you don't have to know anything about Psych-K to get real value from it.

The Divine Matrix

I've followed with interest Gregg Braden's pioneering work over the years, on the Zero Point, the Science of Compassion, the Isaiah Effect, and the God Code. This latest text by him is presented in three parts:

Part I, "Discovering the Divine Matrix: The Mystery That Connects All Things,"
Part II, "The Bridge Between Imagination and Reality: How the Divine Matrix Works,"
Part III, "Messages from the Divine Matrix: Living, Loving, and Healing in Quantum Awareness,"

Initially I was skeptical that The Divine Matrix was more likely a commercialized repeat of those earlier works since his joining the Hay House Club. However, I was delighted to be proven wrong, and found myself uplifted by his blend of personal story telling and how the latest findings in the quantum science world contribute to his own personal self-realizations. Although I felt aspects of the scientific connections he made in The God Code were drawing a long bow, this is less the case in the Divine Matrix, as the scientific references he makes are to more readily accessible mainstream, published works done by others. The Divine Matrix is an "educated hypothesis" co-related to his life experience, based on some key scientific experiments and findings from sacred manuscripts, rather than a pure work of science. Those readers looking for a pure science text are likely to be disappointed.

Yes - the Divine Matrix includes 20 Keys summarizing the more important concepts of the Divine Matrix and how to consciously create within it. Personally, I found this approach slightly over-complicated. Life is much simpler, and every time we create a so called Key or rule, we create belief systems and conditions, which vested interests then spend precious energy arguing about who's experience of these is right or wrong. For me, we are One Being; Many Realities, rather than Many Beings; One Reality. It's fruitless to argue anyone's reality is "the rule" or more right than anyone else's. I would have felt more comfortable if he had prefaced these concepts by stating "Gregg's Perception of the 20 Keys" rather than the "Absolute Keys of the Divine Matrix."

A wise person once said, "God has no need for rules, only Humans do".

Overall, I found the Divine Matrix a delight and easy to read. I recommend it to those who might be familiar with the general gist of the findings from the Quantum World, and might be wondering, what difference does this really make to our daily lives, without the hype or jargon. For more experienced readers this is really a synopsis of his previous work, videos and lectures. For me, it's his personal stories that provide the enrichment. Still great value.

Your Immortal Reality

Some things just ring true when you read or hear them. A deeper aspect of yourself, or that intuitive place inside sometimes just knows that this is the real deal. This is most especially the case with Gary Renard's books. I am talking about the radical teachings on forgiveness themselves, not necessarily what one makes of the ascended masters, Arten and Pursah, who are said to have conversed with the author in his living room. Make no mistake about it; this is not some New Age channeled hooey designed to simpy make you feel good about yourself or the world at large. This IS the real deal, and as far as I can tell, so are Arten and Pursah, but that doesn't really matter.

The subtitle of the book is "How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death." Now some people might ask why they would necessarily even want to break this cycle, although such a query would be a stretch today given the mess the illusory world seems to be in at this time. But let's face it. Life isn't all bad, and in fact, can sometimes seem downright fun and rewarding. It also, of course, depends on who you are and what kind of shape your life is currently in. But the best analogy I have ever heard in this regard came from a book I read by a Tibetan Buddhist who was imprisoned for many years following the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959. His captor and personal guard would take one day of every week, Tuesday, to spend most of that day torturing him. On one particular Tuesday, the captor had a note sent to the Buddhist monk that the captor would not be able to torture him that day because he had fallen ill. But the guard assured the Buddhist that he would torture him again on the following Tuesday. Even though the monk's dismal and degrading surroundings were unchanged, even though he was still literally given garbage to eat in filthy and inhumane conditions, that Tuesday was one beautiful day. Enough said.

If you have not already done so, I would recommend reading "The Disappearance of the Universe" before reading "Your Immortal Reality." I think you'll get much more out of each book that way. The most refreshing thing about Gary Renard is that he is a straight shooter with a good sense of humor. He doesn't appear to be a person who takes himself too seriously, yet the teachings themselves could not be more important. A Course in Miracles is, as others have noted, a Christianized version of Advaita Vedanta. I can think of no higher teaching, nor a more direct route to the ultimate goal of full realization of our oneness with God. Don't be surprised or in the least discouraged, then, if you find your ego resisting your efforts to practice real forgiveness as described in the Course. This is not easy stuff, and anyone who suggests that it is, must either be a fully enlightened master or someone who has completely deluded themselves. Still, is there anything in life more important than our efforts in this regard? After all, isn't today Tuesday?

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